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UTBG online talks

Who Determines the View?

The Botany Group has an archive of online Zoom recordings available to watch

Botanist, Dr. Margaret Bradshaw presents a talk

Upper Teesdale - What treasures lie within?

Part of a series of talks called 'Who Determines the View' delivered to Upper Teesdale Botany Group

14 March 2022

Dr Tom Gledhill, previous Chair of Teesdale Special Flora Trust, delivers a presentation about the work of Dr ME Bradshaw's Teesdale Special Flora Research and Conservation Trust

4 April 2022

Upper Teesdale gamekeeper Andrew Hyslop gives a zoom presentation on  'The Moorlands with Blanket Bog and grips' for Upper Teesdale Botany Group 

7 March 2022

Upper Teesdale Farmer John Bell give a presentation on 'The Linch-Pins: A Farmer's' for Upper Teesdale Botany Group

4 February 2022

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