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Hay meadows of Upper Teesdale are a unique habitat for Teesdale's special plants (photograph by volunteer botanist M Rogers)
Our Special Place

In touching distance of the highest point in the Pennines, Upper Teesdale's landscape is shaped by glaciation, altitude, geology and human use. Combined, these factors have created a home for rare plants and unique groups of plants. Now, some of these plants face severe decline and even extinction.

In this short film by @Kinward, Margaret Bradshaw introduces Upper Teesdale, talks about plant blindness, and urges us to take a closer look at what's around us.

Upper Teesdale is fantastic landscape fashioned by millions of years of Earth's processes and thousands of years of human farming and industry.

Moor House - Upper Teesdale National Nature Reserve is home to many of the endangered plants in County Durham
Not rare but still special,flowers of Alpine forget-me-knot (G Chaytor)

Image G Chaytor

Upper Teesdale is home to a large collection of plants, some rare and localized, others more common and widespread.

Though documented by botanists since the late 18th century, detailed surveys of parts are only now taking place, and the dramatic decline of specific species is evident.

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